IFTF Foresight Engine

StratEDGY has designed and managed three free public games on the IFTF Foresight Engine. All three games have been collaborations with others. StratEDGY has donated time and expertise to make the games possible. Contact Stephanie if there’s a game you’d like to run in New Zealand.

The most recent game, Pounamu ran on 29 & 30 August 2013 and generated nearly 7000 micro-forecasts.

The data file from Pounamu, containing all the micro-forecast cards played in the game, is available for you to download here

We’d love you to do your own analysis of the conversation and share it back with us (and tweet it out using the hashtag #Pounamu too).

Dion O’Neale (@droneale) from Callaghan Innovation has already created ten fantastic visualisations of the data from conversation threads in the game:

Screen shot Conversation 1 data viz

Conversation 1 is a deep discussion about the science inherent in Te Reo Maori and what it would mean if science was taught in Te Reo

Conversation 2 explores futures for the role of iwi re the IP for botanical pharmaceuticals.

Conversation 3 imagines a complete NZ Inc. approach to scientific and industrial research.

Conversation 4 scopes out forward paths and pitfalls in a complete transition to solar for New Zealand.

Conversation 5 is a highly engaged discussion about the relationship between science and religion.

Conversation 6 ranges over GE, the dairy industry and the shape of the science sector in New Zealand

Conversation 7 expands on a paradigm shift where most disease is prevented rather than cured

Conversation 8 morphs from the possibilities for using 3D visualisations in education to the ethics around use of technology

Conversation 9 explores the nexus between academic publication, funding and open access

Conversation 10 considers the definitions of science as a discipline and ways of moving beyond current boundaries

Information about previous games:

Magnetic South

The Magnetic South game in 2011 was a collaboration between StratEDGY and Landcare Research. This game was run under the aegis of the Christchurch City Council’s ‘Share and Idea’ initiative. It provided quake-affected Cantabrians with the opportunity to think about the longer-term future for their city. The scenario, set in 2021, focused on the challenge for small cities to attract skills and capital in a world of highly productive mega-cities.

Pounamu x 2


The first Pounamu game was run alongside the Transit of Venus Forum in 2012, to take the conversation about science, prosperity and the future of New Zealand out to a wider audience. This game was a collaboration between StratEDGY and the MacDiarmid Institute for New Materials and Nanotechnology, the New Zealand Futures Trust, the New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO and the Royal Society of New Zealand.

This year’s Pounamu game (29 & 30 August) broadened the conversation even further. This game was a collaboration between StratEDGY and the MacDiarmid Institute for New Materials and Nanotechnology, and Professor Shaun Hendy, winner of the Prime Minister’s Science Media Communication prize and author of Get Off The Grass. Like last year, the game was set in a future New Zealand where everyone is smart about science. The game generated some deep and insightful conversations.