Think about the future in ways that are useful to you today.


How to think about the future – Training Course

How do you navigate your way forward in the volatile and unpredictable environment that is the new normal for the twenty first century? Standard strategy tools developed for a ‘steady state’ world no longer work in a world characterised by disruption and convergence.
Futures tools have been developed specifically to help navigate this uncertainty.
Using futures tools can help teams and organisations anticipate the strategies, services and products that will be effective in the future, rather than being trapped into today’s assumptions.

How to think about the future is a two day course that provides everything you need to start using futures concepts and tools in your everyday work. Next course runs on 12 & 13 June 2018. Early Bird rate available if you book and pay before 30 April 2018.
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Designing Strategy Projects.

Designing Strategy Projects

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler Albert Einstein

Strategy projects, by default, deal with complex, changing contexts, long time-horizons and transformational outcomes. Faced with this type of task, it’s easy either to get lost in over-complication and wasted effort, or to over-simplify at the outset and miss important nuances. Read more about Designing Strategy Projects.

A fresh approach to team building.

Get it Together

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