Change Services

Change services.

Change Awareness Services

StratEDGY can help your people, organization or sector to improve change awareness in a range of ways, including support to:

  • Understand different types and patterns of change
  • Learn to recognize significant/important signals of change early
  • Reset organizational responses to change signals
  • Map key change ‘areas of interest’ and blind spots in relation to functions, organizations or sectors
  • Set up formal and informal scanning systems and integrate them into everyday practice
  • Maximize ongoing use of change information collected by organizations and sectors
  • Connect formal and informal scanning to formal futures/foresight processes

Change Enablement Services

StratEDGY can help your people, organization or sector to increase change enablement in a range of ways, including:

  • Support for change leaders to:
    • Understand current change enablement settings at sector, organizational and individual levels
    • Identify systemic shifts to support increased change enablement
    • Develop their own levels of change enablement and model highly developed change capacities throughout the change processes
    • Build and cement strong shared understandings with stakeholders about the context, imperative and human dimensions of the change process
  • Change enablement workshops for staff encountering mergers, restructures, new business areas, new business approaches and industry change
  • ‘Next career’ workshops or individual sessions for staff facing redundancy.

StratEDGY provides support with any or all of these areas, and can provide a package that dovetails perfectly with your needs.

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