Get it Together

A fresh approach to team building.

Organisational change process often stop once the restructuring is done and the new roles are recruited, but that’s the point at which the work of building a team really starts.

If your team is going to deliver what is asked of it today, tomorrow and next month, you want to make sure it has not only the skills needed, but also the right team culture, a shared understanding of their goals and the contribution they make, and ownership of the future vision. This course will help your team “Get It, Together”.

What does Get it Together cover?
This one day workshop takes a fresh approach to team building, by placing it firmly in the context of your organisational realities and the broader context of the realities of the world in the 21st century. We’ll have fun, but we promise there won’t be any falling backwards off tables or being blindfolded. From the biggest picture of the ways the world is changing, we’ll consider some of the trends in your sector, and what’s happening in your own organisation and what that means for your team. Using a range of tools, the team will identify their skills, experience and preferences and think about these in the light of that bigger picture. The workshop provides a platform for the team to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other’s skills, to identify how they want to be as a team to meet the challenges facing them, and to let go of the past and look to the future strongly as one team.

What will the team get out of it?

After attending this 1 day workshop your team will:
• have a clear understanding of their role and purpose as a team within your organisational context
• understand and have more information about the realities of the rapidly and ever changing 21st century world and the impact on their work
• know each other better both professionally and personally
• have insight into the skills and experience each person has to offer, and how that translates to the team overall
• have moved further towards being an integrated team
• explored the team’s unwritten culture and modes of working – if there is one, or what they decide it will be
• have a plan for carrying the learning and insights from the day forward

Who should attend this workshop?

This workshop is ideal for any team which
• has recently been created or restructured
• has had a lot of change around it or within it
• needs to quickly get to grips with a new organizational context, changed drivers, new results requirements, or culture shift
• is made up of a mix of old hands and newbies
• would benefit from some meaningful role focused team building ( and who wouldn’t?)
• wants to maximize their team and personal performance by better understanding individual and team skills and strengths

This workshop is presented by Stephanie Pride and Fran Hoover. Both are experienced facilitators who have worked across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors in a wide range of organisational settings. They have personal experience and success in building high performing teams in dynamically changing environments.

To enquire about booking this course for your team, or to discuss a course specifically tailored to your needs and context, contact

Stephanie Pride 027 4966 956
Fran Hoover 022 4840 571

Fit for the Future is a complementary one day course which focuses in more depth on the impact of the changing world on your team’s skills, behaviours and ways of working. It provides the team with a clear understanding of how they need to operate to be effective going forward. The course not only covers this as content, it also models these ways of working through the course activities.

Get it To Together and Fit for the Future can be provided as a coherent and cost-effective two day package Building a 21st Century Team