Futures Gaming

Futures gaming services.

Futures gaming and the serious fun it generates is a key aspect of StratEDGY’s approach.

Playing games used to be regarded as wasting time in trivial activity – time that could be spent in more rigorous pursuit of valuable knowledge about our past, present and future. More recently, the power of gaming to unlock creativity and inspiration, and harness effort been well demonstrated. In a game context, there are no serious real-world consequences for mistakes so it’s easier to move beyond conventional boundaries and experiment, and that’s when inspired insight into future possibilities occurs.

At its heart the value proposition of purposeful gaming is the structuring of virtual rewards and consequences to engender “minimal loss” action towards real world goals

At StratEDGY we believe that the best long-term thinking is grounded in data and a rich understanding of the past and present. We also know that without approaches that allow us to leave today’s constraints behind and radically re-imagine, that thinking remains limited and flawed. Time and time again, we see gaming approaches transform our clients’ perceptions of possibilities and energise them towards shaping the futures they’ve imagined.

StratEDGY builds gaming and playful components into its approaches and tools. Why settle for a dull environmental scanning presentation when you can engage the whole room on the same content with a game show? Whether you are wanting to develop future products or services, re-orient staff around a new vision, or carry out some genuine blue-skies thinking, StratEDGY can design a game-based approach that will engage your staff and generate surprising outcomes. Contact StratEDGY to discuss game-base approaches that would work for your organisation and purpose.

StratEDGY is also a strong advocate of the Institute for the Futures’ Foresight Engine. The Foresight Engine is a platform for game-based conversation on critical future questions. 100s or 1000s of people can contribute at the same time, engaging with each other to take issues forward in exiting and unexpected ways. Over the last three years, StratEDGY has designed and managed three free, public Foresight Engine games as part of our commitment to building public futures literacy in New Zealand.
Magnetic South, on the long-term future of Christchurch in 2011
Pounamu, on science and the future of New Zealand in 2012 and again in 2013
StratEDGY is the only organisation in Australasia that has designed and managed games on this platform.
Contact Stephanie Pride stephanie@stratedgy.co.nz for more information.