Anticipation Services

Anticipation services.

Anticipation Services

StratEDGY can help your organization or sector improve its capacity to anticipate in a range of ways, including support to:

  • Assemble and re-view existing knowledge
  • Tap into and articulate tacit knowledge
  • Tap into broader and more diverse knowledge streams
  • Scan for weak signals and spot emergent change
  • Uncover, articulate and challenge assumptions about the present and the future
  • Explore future possibilities widely
  • Recast framing assumptions
  • Select promising responses
  • Identify practical change actions to support promising responses.

Stratedgy has services to increase change capacities.

We also offer services to increase adaptation capacities.

StratEDGY provides support with any or all of these steps, and can provide a package that dovetails perfectly with your needs.

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