Servicing the Future: customer expectations in a decade of change

Servicing the future.

Servicing the Future is a keynote presentation delivering hard-hitting messages about changing customer expectations over the next decade.

By 2026 the operating environment for firms, government agencies and citizens will be completely different, and what customers will expect or tolerate from others and what they expect and want to do for themselves will be completely different too. Clean, transparent, collaborative and ‘good’ will be part of the new bottom line. They’ll expect you to anticipate their individualised needs (the new segment is a unit of 1), whilst keeping their data secure. They’ll expect you to keep your footprint narrow and your social contribution broad. If they don’t like the way you’re doing things, they’ll find a way to do them with others.

The presentation describes five significant shifts that are already in train and illustrates how they are already shaping different customer expectations. This keynote is is illustrated with concrete examples of the future here today and ends with five questions, one relating to each of the shifts. These questions can be tailored to the specific focus of conference.