Building a C21 Team

Building a 21st Century Team is a cost-effective two day package.

Building a 21st Century Team is a cost-effective two day package that takes your team on a journey from creating clarity about their individual roles, objectives and strengths, through a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other’s skills, to identifying together how they need to interact as a team to meet the challenges facing them.

By the end of the two days, your team will have started to develop

  • a shared understanding of their goals and the contribution they each make
  • ownership of the future vision
  • ownership for embedding C21 ways of working and
  • a commitment to a team culture that is aligned with that vision.
  • This workshop presents the content from the one day courses, Get It, Together and Fit for the Future in one coherent package.

    In the 20th century the core attributes of a good team included consistency, competence and adherence to standards. The 21st century presents a much more diverse, fast-paced and often resource-constrained environment in which to operate. This is driving changes not only in who teams work with, but fundamental changes in how team work internally and with others. The core skills required in the 20th century are still necessary but not sufficient in today’s context. In the constantly changing environment of the 21st century, teams will need to anticipate the evolving needs of internal and externals clients or customers, draw on and work trustfully with people beyond the boundaries of the team and the organisation, and consciously select the appropriate mode in which to work on any given task.

    Whatever the purpose of the team, they will need increased flexibility, creativity and adaptive capacity to be able to work in a range of new modes and roles, whether the shift is from controlling to leading, from designing for customers to designing with them, or from planning to learning by doing. This course provides teams with an understanding of the new approaches and capacities needed to deliver great team performance over the next decade and paths to build these approaches into the way the team works.

    What will the team get out of it?

    At the end of Day 1, your team will:
    • have a clear understanding of their role and purpose as a team within your organisational context
    • understand and have more information about the realities of the rapidly and ever changing 21st century world and the impact on their work
    • know each other better both professionally and personally
    • have insight into the skills and experience each person has to offer, and how that translates to the team overall
    • have moved further towards being an integrated team
    • explored the team’s unwritten culture and modes of working and made conscious decisions about the culture that will best support their common goals
    • have a plan for carrying the learning and insights from the day forward

    At the end of Day 2, your the team will have:
    • An understanding of the evolving work context, including more fluid institutional boundaries
    • An understanding of the additional challenges and opportunities facing teams in the 21st century
    • An understanding of a range of different operating modes and the values embedded in them
    • An understanding of the skills and attributes needed to perform in each mode.
    • An assessment of the most appropriate modes for each of the team’s activities and projects
    • An exploration of the team’s strengths in each mode
    • An exploration of team process and ways of working that will support selecting and working in the most fit-for-purpose way for each team activity
    • A plan for your next steps.

    Who should attend this workshop?

    This workshop is ideal for any team that
    • has recently been created or restructured and need to connect as a team
    • has had a lot of change around it or within it
    • needs to quickly get to grips with a new organizational context, changed drivers, new results requirements, or culture shift
    • is newly formed and want to start off with processes and practices that are fit for the future
    • is made up of a mix of old hands and newbies
    • would benefit from some meaningful role focused team building
    • wants to maximize their team and personal performance by better understanding individual and team skills
    • recognize their operating environment has changed and want to respond effectively to the new context
    • feel the way they work now is not allowing them to deliver their full potential
    • want to model positive change within their organisations

    This workshop is presented by Stephanie Pride and Fran Hoover. They are both experienced facilitators who have worked across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors in a wide range of organizational settings. They bring significant experience in supporting teams to adopt new approaches and processes to deliver higher performance in new contexts. They have personal experience and success in building high performing teams in dynamically changing environments.