StratEDGY currently offers nine courses and three keynote presentations. The courses can be delivered in-house or off-site, whichever best meets your needs. If you are looking for training or presentations specifically tailored to your requirements, see our range of services or contact us directly to discuss your needs.

StratEDGY Presentations

Life 3.0
Life 3.0 is a stirring keynote presentation that paints a vivid picture a very different way of living, working and organising ourselves that will exist just ten years from now. Life 3.0 is a story of challenge and a story of hope that will expand the horizons and widen the frame of any conference audience. more

The Future of Work
This keynote presentation provides an insight into the future of work. Every aspect of work is currently being disrupted. The business models that have worked for decades (or longer) are being turned on their heads. How and where work happens is in transition. Tasks that were previously the domain of skilled specialists are in the process of being automated, reshaping the essence of their roles. What constitutes work – and how work is managed – is being completely transformed. Is your business ready for the future here today? more

Servicing the Future: Customer Expectations in a Decade of Change
Servicing the Future is a keynote presentation delivering hard-hitting messages about changing customer expectations over the next decade. more

StratEDGY Courses

‘Wot the Dickens?’ Serious Fun exploring what New Zealand’s past, present and future means for your organization today
Environmental scanning and business innovation made fun. more

A Users’ Guide to the 21st Century, Second Decade
Understand how our daily lives that being transformed right now and why these shifts are the death knell for some businesses and services and the launching pad for others. more

Thinking about the Future
A comprehensive introduction to the field of futures thinking including easy-to-apply tools and common traps for new players. more

Designing Strategy Projects
Learn a set of design principles for approaching strategy projects that allows you manage the task without over-complicating OR over-simplifying. more

It’s work Jim, but not as we know it – your work options in the 21st century
Explore recent shifts in work and working arrangements to see whether self-employment and non-institutional working are good options for you. more

Rich Stakeholder Analysis for Meaningful Engagement
Learn to use Rich Stakeholder Analysis methodology to build a deeper understanding of your stakeholders and design more meaningful stakeholder engagements. more

Get It Together
Help your team understand their current and future context and what is required of them whilst getting to know each other better in the process. more

Fit for the Future
Understand the new approaches and capacities teams need to deliver great team performance over the next decade and build these approaches into the way your team works. more

Building a 21st Century Team
A complete package for new or reconfigured teams: it combines the team building content of Get it Together with the exploration of new modes of working from Fit for the Future to provide your team with a solid platform for their future performance. more