Integrity of Practice

In a world of increasing transparency, integrity is vital for generating trust, and trust is an increasingly important determinant of viability and success.

Integrity of practice.

Achieving integrity of practice improves performance, trust and effectiveness.

What is integrity of practice?

Integrity of practice means ensuring complete integration of principles, purpose and process. There should be no conflicts between the fundamental assumptions underlying each of these areas.

We are already familiar with two notions of integrity, individual integrity and corporate integrity.

Individual Integrity

Most public services and many private corporations have codes of behaviour that describe the level of integrity expected of individuals as they go about their business. Usually these are associated with probity.

Corporate integrity

We have also become more familiar with notions of corporate integrity, where organisations and institutions undertake to go beyond the minimum standards of operating within the rule of law by articulating a higher set of objectives ranging from ‘do no harm’ to espousing wider and more altruistic ‘corporate social responsibility’ goals of contributing to wellbeing, knowledge or sustainability as an integral part of progressing their core business.

Integrity of practice

In the 21st century, we need an augmented definition of integrity We need to put a third dimension of integrity alongside individual and corporate integrity — integrity of practice: practice that integrates and aligns principles, purpose and process.

Integrity of practice means ensuring complete integration of principles, purpose and process, so that what you are doing and why you are doing it matches up with how you are doing it. A mismatch between your practice and the outcomes you are seeking can undermine your whole endeavour. In a world of increasing transparency and easy access to publication, it is easy for anyone inside or outside your organization to draw attention to contradictions between your goals and your practice.

When to consider Integrity of Practice alignment

You can assess your organization for integrity of practice at any time. An integrity of practice assessment should be a key part of any strategic foresight exercise, strategic review or restructuring.

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