The more aware we are of the many types and directions of change around us, the more equipped we are to spot shifts early and make good decisions for today and for shaping the future.

StratEDGY offers change services in two different areas, change awareness and change enablement.

Change awareness

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Increased awareness of change is a first step for thinking usefully about the future. Change is occurring at different rates (fast, slow, spasmodic) and in different patterns (linear, cyclical, discontinuous), and is at different stages (emergent, established, contested, transformational) around us all the time.

Our awareness of change is often filtered by our culture, context, focus, and habits, making it easy to miss change (or the potential for change) until it is disrupting things we take for granted.

Being sensitised to change is an important component of developing the capacity for anticipation.

the way in which we anticipate the future matters because it is a fundamental determinant of the quality of our decision-making — Riel Miller From Trends to Futures Literacy: Reclaiming the Future

StratEDGY offers a range of Change Awareness Services

Change enablement

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As humans, we find change hard — whether it is change to our assumptions, values, priorities, practices or behaviours.

We are hard-wired to maintain the status quo. When confronted with change, we have many strategies for resisting, undermining and even sabotaging change strategies. Some of these are conscious, many are subconscious, so even when we consciously want to make change, we can find it hard to step over from intention to the actions that match that intention.

We weave stories around our lives because we think in reasons but often we have little access to the actual causes of our emotions and behaviour. — Vaughan Bell Living with Ambiguity

Changing our basic settings to build an increased capacity for change is a prerequisite for performing well in the 21st century.

This is effected by:

  • supporting personal transitions as well as organizational or sector ones;
  • surfacing and acknowledging the emotional dimensions of change, untapped capacities and latent aspirations
  • at the same time as generating engagement with broader narratives about the drivers of change and visions of viable futures.

StratEDGY’s change enablement approaches pay attention to the complex and human dimensions of change. This allows participants to take both a broader view of the change context and develop a deeper understanding of their own responses to it. Through this process they can be more confident about engaging positively in generating or responding to change.

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Increasing change enablement increases organizational resilience in the face of constant surface and underlying change. It is also a vital component at each stage of a formal change process.

StratEDGY offers a range of Change Enablement Services

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