Futures thinking realises its true value only when it is translated into futures action. It is our actions that shape the future. We need to experiment and learn the way forward.

Many organizations and people fail to act on their own futures thinking because the actions required seem too drastic or the ‘right course’ isn’t clear or the solutions are not fully known.

Adaptive capacity

In our current context of uncertainty and constant change we need adaptation skills and practices that go beyond simple, linear implementation models. We need the capacities to:

  • experiment and learn the way forward
  • gather up and reflect back the narratives of change, progress and next steps
  • connect across scales from local experimentation and progress to system-wide shifts.

Adaptive modes

In a complex world, diverse skills and capacities are needed to deliver results. This applies across all sectors. No one sector, profession or approach can provide adequate solutions on their own. Whether you are in the public, private, academic or not-for-profit sector, working well with others is a necessity of 21st century life. This also applies within institutions, across organizations, in supply chains and across networks

21st century adaptive challenges require people and their organisations to work in multiple modes all at the same time:

  • across diverse disciplines and world views AND
  • keeping faith with the values and goals of wider networks AND
  • keeping organizational focus

Delivering on all this requires additional staff skills and behaviours and new management settings.

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