StratEDGY draws on research in brain science, psychology, management, creativity, innovation and learning to develop new practices to meet your changing needs in the second decade of the 21st century. The combination of science, creativity and research underlies our SERIOUS FUN approach which permeates our practice.

Conventional strategic planning approaches use only a narrow selection of modes and even standard futures tools are often used in ways that leave out vast tracts of important information and tacit knowledge and don’t use the diverse capacities of our brains. This allows today’s assumptions to remain unarticulated and unchallenged. StratEDGY combines multiple modes to support people to consider hard data about current change AND bring their tacit knowledge, creativity and imagination into play to generate a more rounded and insightful consideration of possible and preferred futures. We believe that whilst thinking about the future may entail hard data and hard decisions, the process for thinking this through should be liberating, satisfying and inspiring – serious fun.

Serious Fun and Games
Some of the possible futures we face are grim, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by them as well as feeling disempowered by some approaches to futuring that heap desperate news on top of bad.

Fear and anxiety shut down parts of our brains. This is a ‘sane’ response – Fear and anxiety allow us to concentrate on the safest, most short term solution, but these are rarely the best answers to the long term and systemic problems that face us in the second decade of the 21st century.

As organizations like the Institute for the Future and demonstrate, sometimes the best way to imagine creative responses, shift our thinking and rekindle optimism and move towards action is by gaming and having fun.

Using this approach, we engage with your people and their knowledge differently so they can see differently and act differently as a consequence. Doing this gives you the edge, the insights to shape the future, not just respond to it.